Question Regarding Hiring iClone Animators
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By mtakerkart - 2 Years Ago
how much do you think it would cost

Welcome to the forum. Your question is a bit like how much cost a car ? May you have to be more precise on your project.
Usually , a story-board is a good start to evaluate how much it cost. The level of animation take also a big part of the budget.
By Snarp Farkle - 2 Years Ago
Welcome to the forum dogscooby007,

I'm just chiming in to give your post a bump up and welcome you to the forum, there are a few members here who have heftier machines than I do and do this sort of thing for a living that should be able to help you with this project, I'll watch this thread to see any progress.
By dogscooby007 - 2 Years Ago
Thank for the welcome and the bump, Snarp!

And thank for helping me clarify, mtakerkart!

You're right, I should probably give an example so I can better understand the pricing and such. I don't have storyboard as of right now, but I do have mini-comic that shows the scenes played out in comic form, which I guess is similar to storyboards. I also had some of it animated in 2D originally. I'll post both up as examples:

-Some things are slightly different as I've reworked the opening.

As for the comic - I've attached it to this post and have a link to it on Google Drive:

If I do outsource the animation I'd either pay by scene or episode (average is about 5-10 mins per episode).

Hope that helps get us closer to what the average price would be Smile 

Let me know if any of you would like any more information! 
By dogscooby007 - 2 Years Ago
I was wondering if you guys could give me a bit of insight. I am currently creating characters I'd like to use in an iclone 3D animated web-series, but I currently am struggling to find a good amount of time to actually animate the characters due to schooling, work, etc.

If I have all the assets, backgrounds, storyboards, voices, and characters for scenes, how much do you think it would cost on average to have someone animate the scenes with what I give them?

I was looking at freelancer and upwork as potential places to check, but I figure I'd first check with everyone here at the forum!

This is also my first time posting so I'd also like to say I'm happy to talk to all of you! Smile