Tutorial: Fixing texture overlap that causes flicker problems

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By BigCityDreamz - Last Year
Nice video thanks for sharing it. Is there a video for sketchup to 3dxchange workflow? I'm using 3dxchange6 sketchup 2017 I save the file in an older version of but it still crash 3dxchange. https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/d54a6dd9-9a26-48a9-b533-4029.png

By justaviking - Last Year
Interesting approach.

That issue is one of the three reasons I have a bad attitude about Sketchup models.  Oh sure, they're free (and I have used them), but they seem to be notorious for overlapping surfaces and gaps between surfaces (like the walls of a room don't exactly meet, resulting in light leaks).  Then people complain about 3DXchange and iClone, but it's the fault of the free model they downloaded.

Anyhoo… thanks for sharing.
By Rampa - Last Year
That looks like it might be a pretty big model. 3DX is a 32-bit app, and so can only access 4 Gig of ram. Try using this utility to make sure it's using every possible bit:

Also, always choose the oldest version of the file available. I just tested a 2014, and it worked. But you can back even older if available. The newer formats are more likely to give issue.
By Rottadamic Movies - Last Year
Thanks 4 this solution!
By toystorylab - Last Year
Clever idea!
That surely will be handy...
Thanx Wink
By sonic7 - Last Year

Brilliant Rampa! .... An extremely useful tip indeed ! This is another one to 'file away' for sure....
Thank you very much! .....  Smile
By Rampa - Last Year
Sometimes you'll end up with materials sharing the same Z-space, or overlapping, that causes them to fight and flicker horendously. This especially true of Sketchup models that have front and back faces that completely overlap. 

I have figured out an effective way to adjust the Z-space of a material.