Bible Times Hair Styles Needed
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By Kelleytoons - 2 Years Ago
I would recommend visiting the Daz store -- all those assets can be used in iClone (and most very well).  They have what you need/want.
By Kimmie777 - 2 Years Ago
That is very kind of you.  Thank you.  Either me or my husband or both of us will be in touch. :-) 
By Kelleytoons - 2 Years Ago
Also, if you want, after you visit the Daz store (looking is free :>Wink if you find any hair (or clothing) you like let me know what it is specifically here and if I have it (and I have most Daz stuff) I'll be glad to show you how it looks and works in iClone.
By Kelleytoons - 2 Years Ago
The Daz software is free.

You would need to purchase the CC3 Pipeline to be able to import Daz clothing into Character Creator (and then onto iClone or output to other programs).
By animagic - 2 Years Ago
I have used hair for females as long hair for men, so that's another possibility. I use mainly Reallusion assets (iClone and CC), but DAZ is certainly a possibility too as Kelley suggests.

Once the hair is brought into CC, you can resize to adjust the length by maybe 10 or 20% (depending on the shape of the hair).
By Kimmie777 - 2 Years Ago
That is really great to know... Thank you so much!!! 
By Kimmie777 - 2 Years Ago
We need a variety of hair from the Biblical ages.  We need hair for men that is in varying lengths.  (Specifically, we need hair that is just above shoulders and also at shoulders and also below shoulders and also longer hair.) 
We need straight and wavy and very wavy and curly hair in these varying lengths, please. 
We also need various beard types and various beard lengths.  
We will be needing export ability on these and the ability to change the hair colors to add more variety. 
Please and Thank You! 
~ Kimmie S Landsberger 
By Kimmie777 - 2 Years Ago
Thank you.  Good to know on the size adjustment.  We did also look at females' hair, but nothing really seemed to fit.  They were very feminine and so many extravagant hair styles or very modern hair styles.  I was very surprised to not see any more basic longer, flowing hair that could be used not only in Bible Times film productions, but also for rockers or bikers or even for some of the hippies.  But it looks like most of the content is much more fantasy based than creating very many "real life" characters. 
By Kimmie777 - 2 Years Ago
We do not have Daz.  Would we be able to buy only the hair from their store?  Or are any other purchases required by Daz in order to be able to purchase items from there and download them into iClone?