IClone7 Unreal Export - Root Bone Name

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By spaehling - Last Year
Hey guys,
last days i found the time to import my CC3 Character into Iclone, make some facial animations and import everything into UE4.
Now i see a Problem. When i export to Unreal (using Unreal in export options), i get 2 different bones names for the root in CC3 and Iclone7.

Check Screenshot below:
TestUnrealExport_Skeleton = Character from CC3
TestFacial_Skeleton = Character from Iclone7

bone hiearchy is similiar, expect of the root bone. We have "root" from CC3 and "cc_base_boneroot" from Iclone7.

I tried to fix this, by importing the Iclone7 char to  Maya, rename it and export it, but then i lose all my MorphTargets on import in UE4.
But i think this is another topic and i gonna start another thread.

greetz Phil

By spaehling - Last Year
i also had a different problem. i wasn't able to rename root bone in maya, cause i lost morph targets. now iam able to rename root bone in maya, without losing blendshapes.


I was searching for a solution with Reallusion Team for this problem here aswell and we figured out, that the problem only exists on my Main Computer. On Laptop, Iclone export works
as expected. As soon we have a fix for this too, i will let forum know.

unitl this, try the workaround with import to maya, rename bone. and if you want to keep morph targets on ue4 import, just follow the solution in the other topic.