Iray Render Plug-in v1.01 Update - Now Available
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By LookingGlassGraphics - 4 Years Ago
Hey Peter, how are you? Any news on the release on the Iray version for Iclone? I actually thought this update was the release, as it reads Iray Plugin for Iclone and CC, but it's still just CC. Ermm
By Peter (RL) - 4 Years Ago
Iray Render Plug-in v1.01 - Now Available

Please download using the Reallusion Hub.

v1.01.1031.1 released on 11.05.2018
Fixed : When the Cornea material shader is changed from traditional to PBR, the settings for its MDL material tends to reset to their default values.
Fixed : Opening the application and immediately loading a project caused the Iray preview window to resize and relocate.
Fixed : Crash from rendering a project that contains item names with the word "scene".

v1.0 released on 09.27.2018