CTA3 pipeline - please change button text in the popup that appears while moving character to Composer

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By DaveGayman - 3 Years Ago
Thanks. I'll do that. Did't know the bug tracker existed and I took my cue from the description for this forum, "Roadmap announcement, wishful features collection and your feedback."

By DaveGayman - 3 Years Ago
I wanted to add an accessory to a character, Steven S. This is after I had added a bunch of animations to him, animations I didn't want to re-create.

After selecting him and clicking on the Composer button, CTA3 popped up a warning: "Detected new motion in character. To start character bone edition, you will need to Remove Object Animation in order to unlock bone edit function. Do you wish to edit other features inside Character Composer?"

With a question like that, I'd expect buttons for "Yes [meaning, Yes, I want to edit features other than bones]" and "No." Instead, I get "Continue" and "Cancel." 
Neither of those current button texts make any sense in this context. I suggest at least changing "Continue" to "Yes."
By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago
Thanks for the feedback. This has been passed to the CTA for review.

For any other suggested improvements to our products or services, please can you use our Feedback Tracker. The tracker is monitored directly by the relevant departmental teams and you will get feedback from the team there if applicable. In addition it allows other users to support your request with the most requested suggestions getting priority.

To use the Feedback Tracker, please click the link below.