hair wind
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By lvanvalk - 3 Years Ago
I'm trying to use the hottest hairstyle layered bob and it has a built in wind that is messing up my indoor scene. I have changed all of the wind settings to zero including the gust frequency but the wind still blows and then leaves the hair a stringy mess. Very frustrating. I have tried the other hairstyles from that set they also have the same problem. I can't even use the long wavy hair because it looks like a stringy mess even before the wind blows. I'm getting frustrated, I keep buying all of this extra stuff that I can't even use. My other two character have the
By jose_55 - 3 Years Ago
Try this, from the scene select the avatar's hair, then open the modify panel, select the physics button on the top of the modify menu,
then click the weight map button, you'll see gradient map, reduce the brightness about 50% to see if that is related to what you are experiencing.
By Kelleytoons - 3 Years Ago
Yeah, that does happen.  If you need to have collision on (say the hair passes through the avatar's head) you can edit the head collision shape and just make it smaller.  So that's another skill you might want to learn because it will come in handy at some point.  But at least now you have an understanding of the problem and so can diagnose it yourself the next time.

There's a lot to all of this (I never stop learning -- and my brain is full :>Wink.
By lvanvalk - 3 Years Ago
Turning off collision for the head fixed my problem perfectly. Thank you!
By Kelleytoons - 3 Years Ago
Are you sure it's a wind problem?

The hair will move crazily if, for example, it intersects with clothing (or even the collision shape of the head).  Try this -- on a naked character put the hair, and make sure the collision shapes on that character are turned off.  Turn to "By Frame" (instead of Real Time).  Now see if the hair then misbehaves.