Persona Dummies
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By subongo - 3 Years Ago
Thanks for your help m8
By animagic - 3 Years Ago
These dummies came with a set of interactive motions, but were never available separately.

However, you can download a pair of free interactive motions with floor dummy from the market place:, and

That may help you get started.
By subongo - 3 Years Ago
Hello. I have been trying to make animations that have 2 or more characters interacting. I noted that it is possible that they are iprops called Persona Dummies. I saw this link mentioning persona dummies setup I could not find Persona Dummies anywhere in the marketplace so I tried to make my own dummies by using the  free 3d blocks that come with Iclone  7.
The link hints that any avatar put on one of the dummies will automatically be parented to the dummy.
In my case I had to do this manually.
After I had parented the avatars on each prop I would then run the animation to see how weill the interaction was going. If the avatars need moving or rotating I would click on each dummy and then right click and select, Remove Animation. Then I would timeline cue to the start of the animation.
This works ok for a while and then the parenting stops working.
My question is, "Can I possible buy these
In the Marketplace or is they a way I can make them myself.
All the action packages that come with these dummies are too expensive for me. I only want the dummies I already have plenty of interactive motions I was to use for my own purposes.