Pop3 Transparent Video Edge Artifacts

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By Galfridus - 4 Years Ago
I sometimes get this problem if I drag and drop a popvideo file as a "plane" into IC7.
An outer edge shows.
I activate the "Alpha Threshold" option on the popvid in the IC7 Texture editor and adjust the slider to resolve the issue.
Quick and effective.
Hope this works for you too.Smile

By Alasandro - 4 Years Ago
Hey guys and gals... Please take a look at the attached screenshot. This is a pop3 transparent video placed in iClone 7. No matter what I do I cannot get rid of the artifacts along the top of the video. Cropping only moves it down and closer to the subject. Does anyone have any idea what causes this and how I can get rid of it? Is there a way to possibly mask this out in iClone if nothing else? 

By Alasandro - 4 Years Ago
Well... after experimenting for hours I finally figured out how to fix the problem. 
1. Export video from Premiere Pro in Quicktime format with Alpha. (This generates a huge file. 1.03G)
2. Import video into PopVideo 3 Converter... (Nothing to do here... the background has already been removed.)
3. Export as .popVid.
End result... the artifacts have been removed and the file size is reduced to 49MB.
In this case the popVideo converter only served as a compressor for the video, but it looks fantastic now. With no artifacts.