Videofile as background. How?
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By zenyaz - 3 Years Ago
I want to animate my character, and after that overlay it on video. I know that I can do it on the green background, and then overlay on video. BUT. I need synchronize character movement with some points(items) on video. If I have no video-background, it's quite difficult task. So how to use video as a background?
By nealtucker - 3 Years Ago
If you are going to use Iclone props over live video I found it best to place the video as a background as per instructions above, then bring in the props onto the grid and move the props or main prop around until they match the scale, I just eyeball it, it can be a bit fiddly but you will get there in the end, match the lighting and shadows and IBL,  add particles etc, the main thing is  DO NOT MOVE THE CAMERA angle/perspective, once set only use the prop move tools.
 I'm really looking forward to when Mocha is available so we can have camera moves on 3D objects locked into a video background, 
Think about it, find a great atmospheric location like a warehouse and film a camera move, then bring into iclone to add more props and avatars, you will save a lot of time and resource memory plus get a real looking set....can't wait'
Below a quick test, I shot.

By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago
Hi... If you are using the Windows version you can click the "Create Media" button on the left toolbar and then choose a video file (AVI, WMV etc.) to import as a Background or Prop.