Daz Character's Face didn't bake

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By hoodTRONIK - 2 Years Ago
I think I'm having the same issue. I included a split screen to show how my character looked in DAZ3D and how they look once imported into CC3. It's a Genesis 8 model but the same happened when I used a Genesis 3 model. I made A custom skin that keeps getting replaced once imported. But this character converts fine through 3D Exchange. It's hard to see but it's more than just a color glitch. My whole texture has been removed.  The custom skin has face tattoos also that didnt transfer. https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/7c20d0b1-b347-4d95-a94f-97ce.jpg
By hoodTRONIK - 2 Years Ago
Boy do I feel dense. LOL. But thank you so much!! That worked. 
By Rampa - 2 Years Ago
If the whole body is switching color, then it is probably that the bake body texture in the Transformer settings box didn't get checked. It kind of hides up in the corner. When you check it, there are also some resolution settings you can change.

By Peter (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Which character has the problem or is it happening to all characters exported from Daz Studio?
By edithmcneill - 2 Years Ago
After importing the character to CC3, the face was white, unbaked, while everything else was the right color. Is there something I can do to avoid this from happening?