Toon Maker 2 shoes do not working
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By Krispin Rocks - 3 Years Ago
I am using Toon Maker 2 with iClone 7.22. I am unable to apply any of the Toon Maker 2 shoes to the avatars. They do not apply with the shape of the shoe - just the colours / patterns directly on to the feet. So they just look like socks. I have had a look at tutorials but these are for earlier versions of iClone and seem to be very different. I am new to iClone and suspect I am missing something obvious but I cannot workout what I am doing wrong. It seems like the 3d structure / wire mesh that gives the shoes their shape is missing but I have no idea how to fix this.
By Krispin Rocks - 3 Years Ago
Thank you soooo much. So easy when you know how to do it.
By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago
Hi Paul

It sounds as though you are applying the shoe materials onto the foot and have not yet added the actual shoes.

So first in Content Manager switch to the Actor tab, then select Body Part > Toon Maker 2, and then apply the shoes for either Chubby or Stretchy as required.

Once you have done this you can drag the matching materials from Media > Material > Toon Maker 2 > Shoes onto the newly added shoes.