Get new serial number code 6 Please contact support
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By toppro77 - 2 Years Ago
Don't feel bad. I get the same lousy error and I followed their directions to the "T" This is just ridiculous. You pay good money for something and it takes an hour to download and try to install this program and then it doesn't work. It pisses me off! I don't have all day to fool around with this stuff. I had some extra time today to see how the new program worked and now my day is shot. We will probably have to wait a week now to get this problem resolved because no one will work on it over the weekend. It's very irritating!
By Bushy2490 - 2 Years Ago
I agree - whilst I expected a few bug it would have been nice to see something for my money and day wasted...not happy!!
By Bushy2490 - 2 Years Ago
installed character creator 3 on my PC and then installed the pipeline version as instructed which seemed to work fine. However I then did the same with my laptop and get a error 6 codes when I load up saying Get new serial number code 6 Please contact support. Anyone else had this issue? tried uninstalling and re-installing on my laptop - but same error?