First Impression CC3 - Should you buy now?
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By sasquatchiscool - 2 Years Ago
Okay so I just wanted to update on a few wacky things going on with my first initial experience. 

I finally got it to open up after it was locking up on loading.   It stayed on the login screen for some time without changing.  It finally worked so we are all good.  It worked past its own bug after I registered.  Possibly a server issue with so many people downloading.  

It looks like all the examples and when loaded up is ready to go.  However for me there are a few problems.

GoZ not so easy.   The scaling is way off.  Is there something I'm missing?   I have to dial my brush size up to 1000 just to have it register.    I think the scaling is way off.   Was there something special I was supposed to do?   

Also for me personally I have a big problem with the software as I bought it to export an OBJ posed into Poser and then render it using the Toon Render but it only lets you export the NUDE version of the character minus all the clothes I created it with.   And FBX just doesn't work and does not export in a pose.   

Also it is a tad slower than I thought.  I mean I don't have the newest system but I run Zbrush, Poser, Daz, AE, Photoshop while I'm rendering and watching Youtube with no real slow down on my machine.  This thing just lags.  

Can any of you guys help me with these problems?  So far not having a lot of fun making characters.  If I wanted something to create an FBX character in a TPose I'd just use Mixamo.   I guess I'll just have to keep using my DAZ>Zbrush>DAZ again to Poser> Poser for rendering in Toon Mode.  

Quite sad as this has a lot of potential.