Exporting Animations (GIFs) and Images (Transparent PNGs)

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By kylelee - 2 Years Ago
Hi, I would like to answer your question.
First the transparent PNG, you could use the render on the top menu, and choose the "Render Image".
You could change the export format to PNG, and select the current frame.
Next set up your output size, then you can export your character as PNG.
Please note if you change the background color to black you will get more preference on the character edge.



Regarding the animations GIF, it was the same method.
Choose the "Render Image" and select the GIF, and change the Frame Size for exporting.
As the same with export PNG, if you set the background color to black you will get better preference.

By kylelee - 2 Years Ago
Yes, it is the Other options.

By jrb_20131001151647257 - 2 Years Ago
I noticed that you show at the end the pull-down where you can choose different frame sizes.  Is there any way to get a custom frame size?
By jrb_20131001151647257 - 2 Years Ago
Does anyone know if there is a way to export single images as transparent PNGs?  For example - I would like to be able to use CTA3 to pose a character, and then export them as a transparent PNG to use for graphics etc.

Secondly - does anyone know how to export just a character as an animated GIF.  I can do this right now - but the size of the window is much larger than the area that wish it would export, so I have to import it into another program to crop it.  (Actually - I had to export the whole sequence as transparent PNGs, which had a lot of wasted space, and then import each cell into another program to make it an animated GIF.)

So I guess, to make a long story short - does anyone know a way to streamline making animated GIFs / transparent PNGs that are already cropped to "selection"... or a way to streamline this process?