La Madeblande Restaurant - Artsy/Romatntic/Dining for CTA
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By Contentstock - 2 Years Ago
Good job! 
Love the screens :)
By Ibis Fernandez - 3 Years Ago

This new set includes tables, chairs, table and wall decorations, transparent window with additional background objects (building, tress etc).

Most items (except for the buildings) are set to be Render Style compatible, and have multiple sprites for tweaking the scenes a bit further. 
For example, the candle can be turned on or off, the blinds on the wall can be raised or lowered, the shadows on the tress can be turned on or off, the artwork on the paintings can be switched to different items. The flash source file is available at for those would wish to edit the source and create their own derivative works or just modify the asses in their native state.