03. [iClone 7.3 NEW RELEASE] Material Enhancement

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By Joanne (RL) - 6 Years Ago
Material Enhancement
By Joanne (RL) - 6 Years Ago
New Material Plus for quick save and single application of multiple materials
  • Material Plus (*.iMtlPlus) is a new format for saving multiple materials. 
  • Benefits: Application of Material Plus can apply multiple materials with a number of parameter adjustments with one single operation.
    • For example, the embedded Fan prop has three sub-nodes each with a separate material.  By using Material Plus, all of the three materials are packaged into a convenient *.iMtlPlus file for speedy save and deployment.

      Sample 1: Apply Multi-Materials to Multi-Mesh (child nodes)

      Sample 2: Apply Multi-Materials to Single Mesh
      Content from Dragons Pack

  • Material Plus files can be found under Content > Media > MaterialPlus
    • Note: Material Plus deployment works by matching to the original mesh name, mesh vertex count, and the material name.  If a match is found then the material is applied, if not then it is simply skipped.  Therefore, every content will need a very specific Material Plus file to match (pass detection). 
By Joanne (RL) - 6 Years Ago
User interface adjustments for Modify > Material List
  • Modify > Material > Material List functions have been grouped under the categories of Save and Load.
    1. Load and save Material pulldown menu. 
    2. Load and save Material Plus pulldown menu. 
    3. Load, save, auto-link All Object Textures pulldown menu.

  • All save, load and link functions under Modify > Material > Texture Settings (Y), have been grouped under distinct pulldown menus.
    1. Load, Save Texture 
    2. Load, Save All Material Textures 
    3. Auto-Link, Unlink Selected Texture
    4. Auto-Link, Unlink All Material Textures