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By JoeLoXYungChuang - 3 Years Ago
Hi All, 

My Second series will be focused on the weapon which is especially used in CG gaming industry. More weapons would be coming in this months, I hope this pack could help other designers to ease their life in making accessories in their CG Project.

WEAPON 01: Moon Chakram

Although the Moon Chakram only has 1 item, it has hidden much design under the opacity map. By changing the strength of different texture maps, users could immediately create endless design possibilities and even animated this product with VFX.

The PBR item included a metallic and roughness map, normal map, bump map, and a diffuse map with manageable UVs. This weapon is created as a design tool and exclusively power up Character Creator and iClone designers who want to create a weapon, outfits, and animation in a more relaxed manner. Simply by adjusting the value of different texture map, the designer could immediately create multiple effects.

By lazahart - Last Year
I bought this weapon and I love it! Everything works exactly as advertised. I'm doing a scifi game and want to make it as distinct from Star Wars as possible but with a similar feel so I'm opting for unusual energy weapons (not "laser swords") and this is stunning for the main character. It is shield, melee, ranged thrown, and hoverboard all in one.

My only issue now is that I realized there are no premade  chakram animations on UE4, Daz3D, or Reallusion software. If you ever have the time I suspect that you'd have quite the market for complimentary animations.

My real question here is if you have any tips on premade animations that work well with this weapon? I might mess around with katana or other two-hand animations and see if I can tweak those to work rather than building from scratch