Upload to the MarketPlace Failed

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By Ihms - Last Year
I'm very new to the Market Place, this forum, and using Crazytalk in this context of selling my created content. I created this topic a couple of times today, but I believe that I had accidentally deleted it and didn't post it correctly the second time, so here it is again.

 I have been looking through the manual, the provided white papers, Youtube, yet I can't seem to find why I'm not able to upload a scene, built in layers, with a combination of png and psd. I've created an account, downloaded the Content Uploader, created my scene as a ctScene file, dropped it into the Content Uploader, filed out the necessary info., and it tells me "Some file in this batch are lack of 'Sub-category Generation' property which is required. Please check all files'. 
properties and then try again.

I have read in the White Paper that the images for a character is placed in two or more RL folders,  But I didn't see anything that would apply to something as simple as a scene made up a layers.  Below is an example of how I have the scene organized.  Does this look correct?

Any help would be appreciated

By Ihms - Last Year
With the help of the wonderful tech support with Reallusion it was figured out. I needed to press the "Universal" button.