04. [iClone 7.3 NEW RELEASE] General Features Enhancement

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By justaviking - Last Year
I promise not to comment on every "announcement" here, but I'm really enjoying revisiting these Release Notes.

When the release came out, you got CC3 + Iray plugin + iC7.3, and there is so much excitement and much to absorb.  It's been really great to go back here are re-read these notes in a more relaxed state of mind.

Something as simple as "Doubl-click to select child" is wonderful.  The old behavior was often an irritant, and this is wonderful news.
By Joanne (RL) - Last Year
Enhanced: Preference > Control is now organized into categories.

The original user interface has been separated into three different categories

Viewport: anything related to the real-time viewport.
Content: Save settings for the project and assets such as motions.
Timeline: Edit behavior for the animation timeline.

By Joanne (RL) - Last Year
Enhanced: Project > Info now has more detailed information.

Additional project information:
  1. The aggregated triangle count of each and every asset type in the scene is displayed here.
  2. The total triangle count for the entire scene.
  3. The triangle count of the currently selected object along with the exact World Coordinates.
By Joanne (RL) - Last Year
General Features
By Joanne (RL) - Last Year
Added: New Preference > Content > Compress Motions on Save

This 3 level slider determines the level of compression for body motions when saved via Timeline / Collect Clip or Content Manager / Add.  The better the quality of the compression the larger the file size.  When left unchecked, saved motions remain uncompressed.

Compress Motion on Save is disabled by default.

Take the embedded  Hold Gun Break Door motion as an example:
  • 1. Best setting provides the least amount of compression -maintains high fidelity to the original motion data; the file size will be bigger as result.
  • 2. When the setting is between Poor and Best, a mid-level motion compression is performed.
  • 3. Poor setting provides the most amount of compression -the original motion data becomes highly optimized; the file size will be smaller as a result.https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/edb30cbb-3ef7-4876-ad94-0af2.jpg

The examples below illustrate the differences in motion:

When the motion quality is adjusted to Poor, the optimized motion resembles less of the original form.
If the motion needs to have high fidelity like holding a gun, then it is best to not perform too much compression on the animation data.

The white android below is the original motion clip while the juxtaposed purple android is the same motion having undergone
Poor quality compression..


This feature is also available in 3DXchange 7.3:
Menu > Edit > Preference

Note: iClone and 3DXchange's default settings are Compress ON / Best.
    By Dr. Nemesis - Last Year
    Bugs are being worked on. My fingers are crossed.

    By Grace (RL) - Last Year
    Enhanced: New viewport selection techniques.
    • Single-click will select the parent object directly. 
    • Double-click will select the child node of the target object.

    Single-clicking on any accessory selects the entire character while double-clicking selects the accessory itself such as clothing, hair, etc.

    Double-clicking will select the child node of prop (such as a pillow).  Single-click will automatically select the parent node (such as the entire sofa prop).
      By eternityblue - Last Year
      Is this the right place to ask about this, my question is will PopcornFX plugin be updated? They are working on V2 of their editor to make it all node based and easier to use. I really hope the relationship is an ongoing one and more development happens. As yet, their beta doesn't include the option to create iClone projects.:

    • Crash caused by importing *.pkfx files post version 1.13.
    • - The current PopcornFX plugin does not support *.pkfx files v1.13 or above. Actions that violate this rule will cause the following warning to appear: "The .pkfx file version is not compatible with the current version of iClone."