CrazyTalk 8 voice rendering latency
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By Peter (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Thanks for coming back and explaining how you resolved the problem. Smile
By kwhitaker333 - 2 Years Ago
I believe I know what happened. For some reason in my video editing tool, Camtasia, I started to notice that on macOS the audio had developed a 2-3 second latency. In Camtasia, the wave form preceded the actual audio!?! Restarting Camtasia didn't help either. So, I rebooted the system and now everything works! So, there may be a lingering macOS issue that impacts all apps relying on real-time audio (sound).
By kwhitaker333 - 2 Years Ago
I'm using the latest V8.13 on a Mac and for some reason, when I apply an audio clip, the rendering of the MP4 movie results in about a 3 second delay as the voice trails the facial/mouth movements. I have tried different voice clips and the same issue occurs. It used to work before. I have restarted the app but haven't rebooted my Mac. I guess I need to take the resultant MP4 and separate the video and audio track and adjust so that they line up. Is anyone else seeing this problem???
By kwhitaker333 - 2 Years Ago
In other words, this isn't a CrazyTalk issue. I just re-rendered the audio and exported it to an MP4 file and everything works.