Can text have any effects at all?
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By garylearntech - 2 Years Ago
Hi gkscoot.  It doesn't matter whether a PNG file shows a banana, a football or some text - elastic motions can be applied to any of them. You can also use traditional key-framing to animate them.  Your post is low on details, so it's difficult to work out what's going wrong for you, but this short video shows both approaches.  (NB there's no audio track.)  Hope this helps? 

You might find it worthwhile checking the manual page: Applying Elastic Motions to Props (New for v3)
By gkscoot - 2 Years Ago
Thanks. I knew that already. What I am wondering is, since CTA3 offers so many nice features to save animators work, they could improve the program by making native text objects able to receive animation.
Sure, I can go outside to my external editor to create the text, save it, and import it. But why force the users to do all that? 

By gkscoot - 2 Years Ago
I have tried both the built in text prop with subtitles, and importing my own text (.png) as a prop. In both cases I am not permitted to apply elastic motion effects, nor may I edit the keyframe to apply a transition curve.
So how are we supposed to have text appear on the screen other than just either "on" or "off"? 

Thank you