What's holding me back from CC3

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By will2power71 - 5 Years Ago
I have watched the videos and I really, really like almost everything that's been mentioned in in WIP 1 and WIP 2. But there are two key things right now that are keeping me from making the jump to Character Creator, and part of it involves iClone as well but since CC3 is supposed to be platform independent, it's relevant here as well. 

Corrective Morphs. You have this wonderful system of morphing and no way to create corrective morphs and have them stay with the character you created. For example: let's say that I created a werewolf character and his wolf hybrid form has elongated gnarled fingers with extended nails. The joints might be correctly positioned, but because you've re positioned the geometry in an extreme way you are going to end up with strange deformations. As it stands right now, you could create  a morph to fix it --but there's no way to package that morph with the figure you just created so that when you tune it up on the next figure that's been infected with lycanthropy, you have to re-import all those morphs you've created. Add to that, that all the morphs are manual so you're going to have to scrub through the timeline and engage the morphs manually for the length of your scene. Or if you decide you want to take this character somewhere else there doesn't appear to be a way to select the morphs you want to send with it. I may be incorrect on this since it hasn't come out yet. I haven't seen any mention of Joint Corrective Morphs or Packaging your CC3 figure for use in another application so I'm guessing that it's not a part of this release --but it should be. Corrective morphs have been around far too long for anyone to pretend like they're not important.

For iClone specifically, not having access to the  facial expressions that are already a part of CC3 in the Morph animation tab is really distressing. Even if you put it as a button or checkbox, we should have a  way to revise some of the facial expressions for that Character so that you can make some more unique expressions and have them specifically for that character. As it stands now, if you can get the face into a pose you like for sculpting you could sculpt additional character to the expression and import it back but there you are back at it being in the Morph Animation tab and you have to manually engage the morph, or you have to go back into 3dXchange in order to add the correction there but the problem is that you are ending up with morphs in three places --3dXchange and then the Morph animation Tab, and then the CC3 Morphs and none of those sections share with one another. It creates a lot of back end work for the creator when it doesn't need to be this convoluted. if the Morph is a part of the figure, then it should show up in 3dXchange or the Morph Animation tab or CC3 without you having to add it to each place you want it to be.  I find myself doing a lot more character tweaking and morph importing/exporting then I should have to do. 

Like I said, I like the thought that's gone into CC3. I just think that it needs a little re-thinking when it comes to Morphs and how to handle them.

By animagic - 5 Years Ago
I don't know how it was done for CC 3, but for the introduction of CC 1 (or maybe 2) there was beta testing especially by developers and a lot of improvements came out of that.
By will2power71 - 5 Years Ago
It seems like to me that this should have been brought up when iClone 7 came out. I've made mention of it before--you import models with all these facial expressions and none of them are available in the Morph Animation tab. So if you want them there, you have to export each one and import it into the morph animation tab. So now you have two sets of the same morphs attached to your character. I am thinking about doing a video on it because I don't think this omission gets the proper scrutiny it deserves. It's making us do unnecessary work for Morph animation and when it comes to correcting morphs in animation you're having to manually keyframe any corrective morphs for joints every time you move the model. It's a lot of extra work that shouldn't be there because JCMs is a well known concept in 3D animation. I get frustrated when I have to sweep through a sequence more than once for facial blendshapes and then for any corrective morphs I need to engage. 

To me, it seems like RL should just give direct access to the morphs that are in your fbx instead of creating layers that keep them from you. Morph animation shouldn't be this labor intensive --but there you have it.