Newbie Q: rendering with Camera Record on or off?
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By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago
That is correct. Zooming, panning, camera switching will only occur with Camera Record Mode ON.
By gkscoot - 3 Years Ago
Hi There,
I loaded the Project Demo 16_Camera Transitions with Animation Curves.ctProject. Its in your Project folder under Demos.
Anyway, I noticed that the scene plays with Camera recording on. If you turn recording off, the project doesn't render with any camera movement, and its basically messed up as a result.
So just trying to clarify the correct process if we want camera motion.
1) Turn on and off camera recording during project creation as needed.
2) When finished, the camera must be recording.
Is this basically correct? We must turn the camera recording mode ON before rendering to "tell" the system to actually use camera motion?