Creating Clothing and exporting to Unreal.
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By DarkJuicy - 3 Years Ago
Hi Everyone,

We are pretty new to reallusion system and we have the iclone package that includes iClone7, CC2 (Upgradeable) and Export version.

We have an issue with exporting clothes to unreal so the character can change clothes. We believe we understand the part where we should export via FBX but it seems to always export with the character into unreal.
If someone know of a good video tutorial for this we would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.
By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago

Both Character Creator 2 and iClone 7 export the complete avatar to FBX format. There isn't an option to export just the clothing.
By vancouver_dave - 3 Years Ago
Hello Everyone,
We are having the same issue.
Is there a best practice to exporting clothing for your CC2 character into UE4? 
Any documentation or YouTube video available? 
Any help would be greatly appreciative.
Thank you,