Critical questions concerning the coming Character Creator 3
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By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago

I'll try to answer your questions as best I can.

1. Not quite sure of your first question. OBJ characters do not contain bones. An exported OBJ just contains the mesh and the textures. However Character Creator 3 can export fully rigged characters in the FBX format, and we have a target tool pre-set for Blender included in CC3 so you should get good results.

2. Character Creator is ideal for creating average looking human characters. You do have the option of creating exaggerated or stylized characters, but the base characters and default sliders can be used to create unique looking characters of all sizes and shapes plus older and younger characters.

3.  The CC3 base characters do not have genitalia. However as CC3 Pipeline also allows import of Daz 3D characters you can import characters with genitalia if you so wish.

4. You can certainly create yoga and other gym poses and get very good results. In more extreme poses you may find some deforming issues but this is not something that is restricted Character Creator. All 3D animation software will have problems with more extreme poses because you are working with meshes that don't move and bend in the same way as a soft flexible human body.
By doktorfrank - 3 Years Ago
Hi there,
I've got some questions regarding Character Creator 3, because I'm looking for a "robust" Character creator for my Unreal Engine Project. After having tested several character creation applications, so far only MakeHuman+Blender seem to produce satisfactory results regarding
posing/animation/armature/bone control/tattoo placement across seams,character realism,creation, fitting of clothing assets/multilayered clothing,workflow (makehuman-->blender-->UE4 and most often only blender-->UE4)....but I'm looking around if there is an even better tool for creating some kind of real life rpg/sim project in unreal engine. I'm only interested in features that work in unreal engine as well. (muscles,smoothing modifiers etc....often those fancy stuffs get lost during the import process into ue4 and shape keys aren't a solution, because it would be a pain in the ass regarding clothing assets creation)...Daz Studio seems only to produce dolls that look alike+anatomic realism like barbie and is not compatible with blender. ManuelBastioniLab is still incomplete and has some flaws regarding compatibility with UE4 (all those fancy modifier effects can't get exported into UE4 and the char meshes therefore look too low res in the critical body parts (it can be corrected by manually modifying the meshes, but would have to do it for every newly made character=horror....+intimate area like barbie doll and so on)...

1. Will it be possible to export fully rigged characters with armatures/bones into blender (.obj) for doing animations there (fk/ik bones) as blender is best at animating/posing and instant testing=correcting on the spot, if (multilayered) clothes fit correctly with different poses or if the body is looking right with different keyframes. With CC2 it was not possible to export the armature with the character. The bones got messed up and you simply couldn't make animations in blender.

2. Will we be able to create unique looking average people you would find in the real world/on the street somewhere in Central Europe (your neighbor, your boss, your grandparents, bakery sales assistant in the bakery around the corner :-) say it.). (no dolls/zero size models, no exaggerated figures...)
Thus far I only see renders of typical boring dolls but no screenshots of average looking people made from within an game engine.

3. Do the characters have genitalia or look like barbie dolls? In CC2 this is not the case.

4. Can you make extreme/any imaginable yoga/gym poses/animations etc. with the bodies still deforming properly or are CC3 characters not meant for those purposes. At least in the trial version of CC2 it didn't seem to be feasible in creating for example a crossed legs pose, because the body did not deform properly (this was even possible with a MakeHuman Character).

Many thanks in advance for any informative answers!