Video Renders Black and Fades out..
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By justaviking - 2 Years Ago
It's so easy to accidentally set key frames, it's always a good place to look when having some strange behavior.  Since it happens on a fresh project, that eliminates my only theory.  I hope you figure it out.  Good luck.
By Labape - 2 Years Ago
Reallusion Support is claiming I'm using masking mode, but that's not the case, so I'm still at a loss why its doing what its doing. 
By Labape - 2 Years Ago
Hmm, well I have not set any keyframes.  The issue replicates if I do "New Project" and the "Import" and import footage saved fresh from my camera.  So I'm not too sure how that would have happened.  I did do a test video with PV3 when I installed it, like a year ago with no issues like this, but then have not used it.  I fired it up, let the Reallusion updater update all my products and now this.   
By justaviking - 2 Years Ago
Have you had success other times with other videos?

I wonder if you have a key frame setting later in the project, one that sets it to black, so as you play/render your project it gradually fades from visible to black.
By Labape - 2 Years Ago
I'm having an issue with Pop Video and am wondering if anyone else has experienced similar or can suggest a fix: 
I import a green screen clip into Pop Video.  I mask out some edges with the mask tool, and I render it in Pop Video. 
It appears to be rendering correctly, however once the video is complete, when I attempt to veiw it, I basically get a freeze frame of Frame 1 of my video, with the green screen rendered in black, but the green mask showing as transparent.  The audio plays as normal, and the video slowly fades to black as it plays.  

The issue occurs if I render as a Pop Video or as an MOV file.  (I have not tried AVI).  I'm running a Windows 7PC, Core I7 Processor, 12gb ram with a TI1050 Graphics card.   I have the most up to date Nvidea drivers, and the most up to date copy of Popvideo 3