Colour control for characters and props
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By HowardV - 3 Years Ago
It would be great to be able to affect the overall colour/hue/contrast/brightness of characters & props with a simple control - without having to make changes to the actual artwork in Pshop. This would be useful for night scenes, sunsets, underwater etc.
By Rampa - 3 Years Ago
Try double right-clicking on a texture channel to open the texture modifier panel.
By garylearntech - 3 Years Ago
Hi Howard: in CrazyTalk Animator (since this question was posted in the CrazyTalk Animator > Wishful Features forum), select the item you want to edit and use the Render Style control.  It allows you to modify brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.  It works for props and characters (both G2 and G3).

For example: Modifying Props with Render Style.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of the render Style control - but it's what you asked about.
By kungphu - 3 Years Ago
In clone you can adjust the hue, color, brightness, contrast etc. of the material of the prop. That'll get it done without having to go into Photoshop unless you want something very exact. That should at least help speed up the workflow.