How do I set a new default blank project?
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By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago
Hi Gary,

The default project can be found at the location below.

C:\Program Files\Reallusion\CrazyTalk Animator 3\APData\Default\DefProject.ctProject

You can rename any project to DefProject.ctProject and place it in the above folder and it will launch automatically on start-up. Smile
By garylearntech - 3 Years Ago
Peter - thank you very much.  That's me sorted now.

For the benefit of any other Mac users that might also want to do the same thing, the corresponding path is as follows.  (Adjust according to the specific version of CTA3 you have installed: Standard, Pro or Pipeline.)

/Applications/CrazyTalk Animator

If you know how to get into that location and are confident you won't muck about with any other configuration files, that's where to go.

Be aware - you run the risk of breaking CTA and having to reinstall it if you're not careful.  If you're not confident in your tech abilities, leave this alone!
By garylearntech - 3 Years Ago
When I launch CTA3 and get a new blank project (or simply choose File > New Project), it appears to use the "Empty (8X5)" template in the Content Manager as my starting point.

How do I change this to one of the other three available templates - or one of my own for that matter?

I'm sure I saw this question asked and answered long ago, but can't for the life of me find it now.