G3 Human Motions - Cartoon Moves - Available Now

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By Miranda (RL) - 4 Years Ago
G3 Human Motions - Cartoon Moves
Walk, Run, Jump in Style

Product: G3 Human Motions - Cartoon Moves

The Cartoon Moves motion pack includes basic character movements like: Walk, Run and Jump. Each type of movement comes various sentiments such as Strolling, Marching, Excited, Thinking and Irritable. Users can employ these different emotions to showcase the personality of characters, bringing more depth to any animated story. 

This pack was created by professional cartoon animators who employed classical keyframe animation techniques, to create authentic cartoon-style motions that perfectly fit any G3 character.  Anyone can easily apply these motions to any character, through drag-n-drop, to add a professional touch to their work!

Pack includes:
  • 61 Motions (Wall x 24, Run x18, Jump x19)
  • 52 Total motion length in seconds
  • 3 Bonus
Compatible Software: CTA: v3.2 or above


Three classic looking sketch characters are included in as bonus.  Use them whatever you like to give your animated projects a touch of classical cartoon style.

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