Operate menu motions and character creator characters

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By elliespotter - 2 Years Ago
I am working with a character creator character who is shorter than the base character and want that character to mount, ride around and dismount a horse. She'll need to do it several times in different locations.
Were she a default character, this would be easily accomplished using the operate menu but she is not, she's short. The operate menu for the horse generates an error, understandably.
I can apply an operate to a standard character, transpose in my character and edit the actual mount part of the motion to include the little jump required to reach the stirrup (and sorting out the hand position) and collect that clip as a perform clip. That works okay. I can even add that to her perform menu.

If I could save that and add a "walk to frame one of clip from wherever you are and perform clip" as an operate command that would be brilliant in the way that we can now add perform clips to the characters themselves using 3DXchange.
It's a little frustrating having to create different walk paths for what is essentially the same action from a different starting point.

And, if there is time, can I have the moon on a stick Hehe