Text to speech with CrazyTalk

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By Peter (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Hi Ganesh,

There is no API or scripting support in CrazyTalk Animator. You simply render your projects to standard video formats which can then be embedded on websites, social media etc.

Text to speech is supported. You simply paste in the text in TTS Editor, choose a voice (based on the voices you have installed on your computer) and automatic lip-sync is then generated.
By ganeshsph - 2 Years Ago
Hi All,

I am considering CrazyTalk Animator for my new startup venture, I have below questions, appreciate if someone can help me answer Smile

1) Does it support text to speech over programming API (like can I pass text as argument so that talking avatar will talk exact same text?)
2) Any limit on the number of streams (considering one read out is one stream)
3) Does it have web support? Meaning, I want it to host on a server and get character rendered on web screens with text to speech support over client side API.
Perhaps I am looking for something like www.sitepal.com ...

Thanks & Regards,