MP4 file as opposed to MP3 or WAV files.
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By studio_savyra - 3 Years Ago
Hi Guys
Am trying to add a voice track for the first time. I recorded my client saying her piece, using my iPhone. Which produces MP4 files. Try as I might, I cannot convert the MP4 to MP3 or WAV files. Is there a workaround? Any recommendations? I've tried the Windows 'My MP4 to MP3 Converter', ITunes, and a couple others but none of them can see the MP4 file in the first place. If they do, (ITunes) they 'convert' it to MP3 or WAV but there's nothing there, just the original MP4. Which calls itself .m4a

Any thoughts? Have any of you encountered this problem? I know it's not Reallusion product related, but you guys may have some answers so here I am.

By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago
Have you tried using the free Audacity audio editor? This may allow you to open the file and then convert to the required format.
By justaviking - 3 Years Ago
Duplicate entry was already answered over here:

"Audacity" and other good comments can be found in that thread.