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By andrew.genaille - 4 Years Ago

So I tried out the perception neuron full body suit today...

And... might have picked the wrong clothes to wear because the suit slide down my legs because of the jeans I was wearing.

So I'm going to try other clothes or just end up wearing shorts.

Any thoughts?
By andrew.genaille - 4 Years Ago
I didn't even think of leggings, I can a friend about it; it may be weird but a better idea that duck tape; which was my first choice. Saving up now for Face Ware... I'm going to try the lipstick trick... end justifies the means.
By Rampa - 4 Years Ago
No hipster jeans for mocap! Smile
By Jfrog - 4 Years Ago
Shorts aren't the best.  The velcro strap can be very irritating. It is best to cover the skin when possible.  I would suggest something confortable such as a pair of legging and a t-shirt.  If you try different ones you will find that some materials are less slippery for the straps. 

If you think legging are a bit weird to wear wait until you use lipstick to do facial motion capture. I haven't need it yet but I heard the lips capture is much more precise   Wink