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By Chrissy Beast - 2 Years Ago
My name is Chrissy Sykes and I have created the My Body is My Body Programme (Musical Child Abuse Prevention Programme) using Crazy Talk Animator3
This is a FREE Child Abuse Prevention Programme that has now been translated into 14 languages.

It is not a charity or an NGO or any kind of association, I just set out to try and create songs for children where they could learn to 
protect themselves through music. The translations have all been done by volunteers and everyone that helps does so on a voluntary basis.

I just wondered if anyone would like to help me with adding the languages to the animations - I could give you the .ctproject files
you would need to do the mouth movements for the language and maybe adjust the hand movements slightly to match the music.
I would be able to credit you on the videos for your help.
I am currently working on
and will have Hindi soon
Later this year there will be Mandarin
Portuguese and Italian
Thank you very much