Lip Sync Audio scrub not working [Urgent help needed]
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By gogstudios - 6 Years Ago
Hi. I was preparing lip sync in iclone 7 and the audio scrub was working correctly. Now all of a sudden the audio scrub doesn't work i.e. when the scrub the timeline audio doesn't play. The audio is one generated by text to speech. However, the audio does play when I click on the play button. The feature works in crazy talk 8. So, is this a bug or is there an option that disables audio scrub that I have clicked on accidentally? Any immediate help is appreciated.
By gogstudios - 6 Years Ago
Can anybody help me out? Peter(RL). Miranda(RL)?
By gogstudios - 6 Years Ago
I have raised an issue here.

If anyone from reallusion is watching this thread. Please help me out.
By gogstudios - 6 Years Ago
Issue solved. It was present in preferences tab. There is a checkbox called enable audio scrub. Mentioning this so that it may help someone facing the same issue.
By CSTI - 6 Years Ago
Woohoo! I didn't know there was this option to begin with.
You saved my day. Thank you.