So I decided to make my own helmet using my 3d Printer
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By sterlingy - 3 Years Ago
Did you ever finish this project?
By kavarchos - 3 Years Ago
As the title said, I am taking a stab at my own version of a helmet...not in the market to spend 1400 or more to buy one and the bike helmet just doesnt cut it.
It consists of part flexible filament and part standard PLA. then i bring it all together with some basic materials.

The build consists of 3 head pieces (flexible) , 2 side curves(flexible) that will wrap around your ears a bit. The side parts have three available holes for the custom go pro connectors(standard PLA) which have tiny nibs around the outside that allows you to turn the angle of the connector if you want to U bar in a different position.

The fabric straps themselves all have tiny tighteners so it should be relatively universal for anyone's head, the straps are the same material you see on any backpack.  The U bar (standard pla) however might be a bit small for someone with a really wide face but the pla does flex a bit.
As for the chin strap...i actually used some left over fabric straps and with a bit of needle and thread created my own chin strap and I am using tiny clip buckles to connect it back to the rest of the rig.
I still have some U bar tweaking to do as you can see some good ole painters tape in the photo. I also have to work through some print bed limitations. So I am not completely finished yet. But I can say I am actually wearing the rig as i type this lol.

Last note the U bar is also using a go pro like connection...but if you are using a webcam with the tri pod screw....go pro has a tripod adapter you can buy.

Once I take care of my lingering issues I will post some updated photos and drop the files on thingiverse for all to download.

The photo below is the rig mostly together and the other shows some of the main printed parts close up in my slicer.