How do I stop the arms from moving during walking or any other action
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By Data Juggler - 2 Years Ago
I followed one of the videos at made the arms a separate sprite, but I wish the arms would just say at my characters side at all times unless I have a reason to raise the arms.

If I walk or Step Right or do anything, the arms move to the front of my characters body.

This picture demonstrates the problem:

Thanks for any help

By Data Juggler - 2 Years Ago
I found it. It is actually pretty simple:

Right click on your character after the animation is applied >> Motion Key Editor.

Then I select the bones for right arm and left and put them back, and it works.
Then I collect the clip and applied Walking as an action to the character and it solves this from now on.

Sorry to answer my own questions, but I post here while I try and go figure it out in case I can't.