Specific Movements?

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By Kelleytoons - 2 Years Ago
It's like the old saw -- "Good, fast, cheap - pick any two" (although in this case we'll substitute "Easy" for the "Fast" part, as they are about the same thing).  You can do this manually in iClone, but to do it well won't be easy and will take some amount of time.

The easiest way to get great motions (whether facial, hands or body) is to mocap them, but it ain't gonna be cheap.  My facial system in iClone costs around $1200 (the hardware is actually the cheapest part of that).  My body mocap system is about $500 for the hardware, and then around $150 per year for the software.  Capturing the hands is probably the easiest/cheapest thing you can do, with the hardware and software costing together around $300 (I have this but rarely use it, although RL is promising this year we'll be able to capture the hands at the same time we do the face, which I'll then use a lot more).

So if you have the money it's easy (and fast).  If you don't be prepared for a lot of work and time.
By fivestarletoh55555 - 2 Years Ago
I have a project in mind and I'm doing research to see if it's possible. First, it involves particular movements and gestures, such as particular ways of orienting the hands and movement that isn't available. How would someone go about creating these specific motions? Is there a way to record or upload a video of them to a system that can adopt/copy them? Secondly, is it possible to program specific signals and motions? For example, me waving Hi with my left hand, and the VR character waving with their right exactly twice before padding their shoulder. I know this is strange, but the main purpose is body movement and facial expressions. Thanks