Faceware Webcam

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By KMag - 6 Years Ago
Hi there,

which Webcam is better for Faceware?

This one: https://www.alternate.de/Logitech/C922-Pro-Stream-Webcam/html/product/1301784?event=search
In the Description it says i have 60Fps at 720p

or this one:

I'm on Windows 10

What do you think?

By Kelleytoons - 6 Years Ago
I have the 922 and it works fine.  In point of fact, I actually think it works better at lower resolutions (Faceware) in general, so obviously the second camera is overkill (if you believe as I do -- part of this is based on my experience, part of it is what iClone itself supports at 60fps max, and part of it is watching the FW demos produced by that guy who uses only 30fps in all his stuff).
By CtrlZ - 6 Years Ago
I'm using the 920 (30 fps) which is what that Guy (3Dtest) is using in his tutorials, and  getting the results I am looking for while saving a few bucks!
The Brio may be overkill for faceware alone but can be throttled down and has other benefits you may like and use?Wink 
Just for your information regarding the Logitech 920 HD - which I've chosen to use for Faceware:
There is also the version Logitech 920 HD "Refresh" in Europe, not sure if it is distributed under this name in the USA (or at all) which is a bit easier to find than the 920, at least here in Europe (It's end of life of 920 series anyway).
In case you want to buy the "Refresh" version instead of the "Standard" one, the differences are:
- Better compatibility with Google Chrome (ie Hangouts)
- USB 3.0 compatible.
Aside from that those are exactly the same.