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By sonic7 - 2 Years Ago
Greetings to all ....
I've used sketchup to construct a 3d set of a Circus Ring, imported it into iclone and lit it. (still yet to add the ladders & platforms etc).
My next challenge is the 'audience'.
They're only backlit so essentially silhouetted, but need to have natural audience movement.
How can I achieve this in the simplest way? Any and all ideas are most truly welcome; There's probably many ways to achieve this.
(Please don't be too technical - I'm only starting!) Smile

....... Minimize the Technical, Maximize the Creative .......
My toy, "Acer E15" laptop.  (amd duel core a9-9410, radeon r5 m430 2GB vram, 8GB ddr4)
By sonic7 - 2 Years Ago
Thanks rollasoc ..... Nice of you to reply, I appreciate it ....
I'll have a good look into your suggestions!
I'm old school I'm afraid, - I tend to relate to the "physical" (albiet in cyberspace) - meaning I'm more at home navigating around an *actual set* as though I was there with a real camera and lights (if you get my drift).
So much has sped ahead since the advent of computing - I have trouble getting my head around it at times.
I think it's because I can more readily relate to what I can actually see, - it's just what works for me....
But hey ..... I'm trying to get a grasp of things - as long as the 'technical' doesn't take me off on a tangent ....
Thanks again for your thoughts rollasoc!
By rollasoc - 2 Years Ago
Hopefully, someone will come back with better solutions.

Two that pop into my head.
1) Anima -
2) Big Boss's stage and audience -

That is a nice looking set!.