Conforming Hair and other issues with Unreal Engine import
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By 4u2ges - 3 Years Ago
I suppose it is the same problem I have experienced and described in another thread while exporting some of the pack hair to OBJ. The UV map for the main hair is getting singularized so to speak (all vertices merged to a dot on the map), making hair invisible.
By Rampa - 3 Years Ago
Feel free to open tickets on this guys! Smile

I am having it looked at, but it's taking a while to figure out.
By don.earnest - 3 Years Ago
I purchased the Conforming Hair 1 & 2 bundles for my characters in Unreal Engine but things aren't going so well... I changed the color of the hair in CC and it looks great in CC/IClone but when I import the character into UE, it goes back to the original color and is sort of transparent, and makes a weird blurry streak when I turn the character.  I've tried adjusting opacity, making it two-sided, masked, etc... all of the usual tricks but nothing appears to work. It's either nearly invisible or blocky.

Also, I migrated a beard from Daz3D into IClone and it looks great on my character in IClone (except it doesn't move when the player speaks) but looks horrible when I import it into UE.  Changing the material to transparent and two-sided helps a little (not much) but it's not flush with the face.  I "attached" it in IClone.  It seems to have imported much better into UE by itself (without the character).

Any ideas?
By don.earnest - 3 Years Ago
Okay, I opened a ticket. Thanks.
don.earnest (2/21/2018)
Okay, I opened a ticket. Thanks.

Hey don.earnest,I am having this problem as well...since you have a ticket opened on this already, I don't want to open another one on this issue,
can you please post the fix for it here. Wink
Thanks in advanced!

By don.earnest - 2 Years Ago
I'm still experiencing this, on pretty much any hair I import into Unreal Engine from Character Creator. I've tried messing around with motion blur, temporal AA, etc. but nothing is working.  Any recommendations?  
By Rampa - 3 Years Ago
The importing to UE4 issue with the hair should be sent to tech support to be checked.