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By Tarampa Studios - 2 Years Ago
It sure is Mark!... I still have lots to learn with exports from Daz... how to insert a bone in the middle of a spine is still perplexing me a little for one very strange creature that's basically just legs and a head (no spine or arms, LOL). 
But this has helped HEAPS!! 
By Tarampa Studios - 2 Years Ago
I just want to thank Vidi and Rampa for their advice in this very old tutorial, which still works great ( Really GR8!!!) for converting some types of simple toon avatars to iClone so we can use all our standard humanoid motions with them. 
(Thanks also to Toonarama for asking the question in the first place!) 

And special thanks to Vidi for her simple, but very clear and clever instructions, which helped and taught me a lot. 

E.g. Using Vidi's old (archived) instructions Here:

I have been able to convert my favourite creature freebies from 3D Universe for use in iClone:

So many thanks again to Vidi, Rampa and Toonarama.  
I am dragging this old topic back to Life because I really think it can help inspire many other new iCloners too. 

Thanks also to Reallusion for keeping very old posts like this in a searchable archive.
I know iClone 7 is a huge step forward for us all, but many of these old posts are still surprisingly helpful.


By tripfreak - 2 Years Ago
Thank you for the reminder ! Cool
I nearly forgot about these models.

tripfreak Smile
By mark - 2 Years Ago
That's super! Glad you got 'em working!!!! It's great when folks help the plan come together!!!TongueTongue