[Upcoming] PopcornFX Plugin for iClone v1.01 - Bug Fixes & Enhancements

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By Grace (RL) - 2 Years Ago
1. Bug Fixes - Rendering Related
  • The Ribbon Emitter normal, metallic, and roughness texture channels don't show up.  In the following illustration, when the same material is applied on the Ribbon Emitter and the Mesh Emitter, the Ribbon Emitter fails to render the proper PBR and normal effect. 

  • The Mesh Emitter has really strong AO effect when rendering videos and images.  This is due to improper ordering of the AO render buffer.

  • When an undocked panel is picked, the shadows from PopcornFX particles become weaker and weaker - and can even vanish. 

  • Strange transparent spots appear on the Texture Emitter when it intercepts with a Mesh Emitter.

  • PopcornFX distortion effect disappears when Exposure Bloom is set to maximum strength. 

  • The Render Video/Image Layer disappears on certain operations or for specific PopcornFX content.
  • Visual defects appear when the camera is zoomed out or dollied out -the letters on the particle effect become disconnected, only partially showing.

  • No response when adjusting the Mesh Emitter Blend Mode to Solid Color Lit or when adjusting particle settings such as Lifetime and Start / Middle / End Opacity.