Crazy Talk Animator G2 Character Replacement
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By kylelee - 2 Years Ago
You can try to "replace current angle" to do this.
Please refer below figure.
You must switch another angle and replace current angle then you will find your body sprite have change.
By tilmonshieldsiii - 2 Years Ago
Hey so i'm new to crazy talk animator 3 and i'm trying to make a custom G2 character. For some reason in the sprite editor I cant replace the sprites for different angles. First i put the template G2 dummy character in stage and then switch to composer mode. I then click on upper torso and sprite editor button to change it. When i import the new sprite for the front view at 0 degress it succeeds but when i open the full angles settings all of the other angles have the imported sprite with some kind of icon at the bottom right corner. So when i switch to 45 degrees i replace the imported sprite with another and it imports but when i then switch back to 0 degrees view that sprite is also there too. I have been following the online manual to do this.
By tilmonshieldsiii - 2 Years Ago
Thanks so Much!