import G2 sprites for creating character with puppet producer/Flash
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By jgd_20150123195124503 - 3 Years Ago
Lets start with mouth - have all my mouth (multi angle) sprites drawn in illustrator, how do I get them into the 'sprite list' on the timeline in flash to use for building multi angle G2?
Is there a tutorial covering this? Have to import all my sprites to the sprite list', just not sure where to start. May use puppet producer, didn't think that mattered for this part.

By Ibis Fernandez - 3 Years Ago
what do you mean by "sprite list".

Basically you have to create your own sprites.

If you are working in Ai just import the various body parts or separate the body parts in flash. each part is then converted to a movie clip simple and configured to be the "sprite".

If you are using Puppet Producer, the easiest way to make your sprite is:
1. Select the part.
2. Press F8 and convert to movie clip. (the name doesn't matter)
3. Select the part again and click the appropriate part in Puppet Producer.

**PP will apply the correct sprite name to it and place the pivot point on it. You can manually adjust the pivot point to the exact place you need it.