Update on my graphic novel using iClone - Benne and the Timemonks

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By wreeky - 7 Years Ago
I'm up to page 5. Hope to get to about page 10 or so then you'll know I'm serious! By serious, I mean I'll make a facebook page or join a comics group like webcomics. 

At first I was all in on iClone for each panel. But for larger scenes I use Unity and create a screenshot and use that as a background. It took a 3 months to get to page 5, but that's because I don't create assets and characters before I sketch our a scene. Then comes creating a project in iClone for each panel (more or less). So that takes time to create models and rig them, etc. Luckily, its easy to find a model online and re-topo and/or re-texture. Then using 3DXchange bring them into iClone. The bear is from cgtrader.com. I redid the fur in Mudbox. 

So far, we have the main character Benne, a priest (the timemonks of the title), Timo a good guy, Buddy the sleeping robot, the deer who talks and a bear who looks like he's hungry. I probably need to stick some butterflies and birds in there. There's a rabbit a couple pages from now. And some thatched huts that are taking some time to get thatched. It might be easier to just draw them, but then what if I want to make a movie? I'll have all the assets! 

Coming next - Benne gets a sister and we find out where the talking animals come from. 

Hope you like. Thanks for watching!