[iClone 7.1 NEW RELEASE] Curve Editor Plug-in, Timeline & DOF Enhancements

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By joel.lovell - 3 Years Ago
I wish I could figure out the Motion Setting, Align To Actor, because I think it would solve the problem I have putting motion clips together. But, however I try it, it doesn't seem to ever get rid of the sudden change in orientation or jerky transition to the next clip. I really wish I could find a clear tutorial on this.
By Grace (RL) - 3 Years Ago
iClone v7.1 (7.1.1116.1​) released on Nov. 16th, 2017

v7.1 is the largest annual update for iClone 7. The redesigned DOF (Depth of Field) gives significant improvements over camera realism, while the default Transition type has changed from linear to curve. Additionally, the Timeline systems have been greatly enhanced with highly expected features which are well integrated with the new Curve Editor Plug-in for synchronous operation.

Get started with these new features from Tutorials.

Smooth Transitions


  • iClone 7.1 provides the Default Key Tangent settings (under Preference) which can be set at any time. More
    • There are 6 different Tangent settings. By default, the curve type is set to Auto (Auto is a type of optimization where the selected lowest and highest value keys are slowed and everything in between become linear.)
    • Default Key Tangents can only be used on Curve Clips and Transform Keys.
    • In order to make older projects backwards compatible, one must first apply Convert Data on the Curve before editing.
  • The Transition curve options have increased from 6 to 16 also accessible via the context menu. More
    • Each Type can be previewed in the viewport simply by selecting it in the floating window, making it more intuitive and convenient.

  • Rotation now can be larger than 360. More
    • Continuously rotating prop can be done by setting Transform keys with the Rotate Tool or with the Rotate X/Y/Z fields on the Modify panel.

Fundamental Timeline Upgrades

To see the Complete Timeline Enhancement Features, you can also check out the re-post from iClone 7.1 Closed Beta Forum (originally posted in Sep 2017). 
*For the final UI description, please refer to iClone 7 Manual.


  • Motion Clip is now a unit encasing Gestures and Motion Layer keysMore

iClone 7.1

  • GesturesMore
    • Gestures reside in a different Motion Layer, therefore, can not be applied to the Motion Clip.
    • Gestures only replaces the Motion Clip's Gesture layer, other Motion Layer keys will only superimpose onto the performance of the Gesture Clip.
    • When Sample or Flatten is activated, the Gesture data will combine into corresponding tracks of the Motion Clip Layer Keys
  • Speed/Time WarpMore
    • Pushing and pulling on the edges of the Clip will change the speed of the motion from fast to slow.
    • The grid of the Clip will narrow or expand accordingly to provide a visual cue for the changes in the speed.
    • The speed of the Clip will now be displayed behind the name of the Clip.

  • Copy/Cut and Paste can be applied to any clip of the same asset or other clips of same asset types. More
    • This also applies to clip transform and layer keys.
    • Symmetrical paste is allowed and can be executed with Ctrl+v or via the context menu's Paste Symmetrical.


  • Motion clips provide the Sample and Flatten function in order to allow editing of the contents of the motion clip or merge the layer keys with the motion clip. More
    • Sample Motion Clip                                                                                                                                                     
    • Flatten Motion Clip
  • Merge Clips: More
    • Merge Clips can be used to join disparate clips of the same track.
    • Usage: pick two adjoining clips and perform Merge Clips via the context menu (right mouse click).
  • Auto Extend feature has been added to the timeline toolbar. More
    • When Auto Extend is enabled, a new animation key will join a clip to its left.
    • When Auto Extend is disabled, a new animation key becomes an independent motion clip.
  • Hollow and Solid KeysMore
    • Hollow keys represent partially keyed frames (not all axes of the element has a key).
    • On the other hand, Solid keys represent keys where all axes have been keyed.
  • Create Transition ClipMore
    • Accessible via the right mouse button context menu, the Create Transition Clip function can be used to convert clip transition region into a new clip segment.

Enhanced Motion Editing
  • FK Motion Control for editing all available character bones, and be able to work perfectly with the intuitive Human IK editing  More
  • Mirror Copy for copying one side of the character’s poses to the opposite side, save the efforts on walk or run loop editing. More

  • Reach Target has a new Reach EffectorMore
    • The Reach Effector can be applied on any bone in order to create a lite IK effector.

DOF Improvements

  • Focus Distance is now based on the picked target's point on mesh. (before it's based on pivot)  More

  • Focus Range can be used to grow out from the point of the Focus Distance to cover the area of clarity. More
  • Near and Far Transition Region: More
    • Near Transition Region determines the Near Blur and Focus Range boundary to control the gradience of blurriness between the two regions. 
    • Far Transition Region determines the Far Blur and Focus Range boundary to control the gradience of blurriness between the two regions. 
  • Near and Far Blur Strength: More
    • Near Blur Strength can be used to adjust the degree of blurriness for the near blur boundary. 
    • Far Blur Strength can be used to adjust the degree of blurriness for the far blur boundary. 
    • Lock Near and Far Effect can be toggled on to control the Near and Far parameters simultaneously.   
  • Create DOF animation by setting DOF keys in different time frame.

  • New Bokeh effects, include: Hex, Circle, Star and Heart. More
https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/03a0106c-f1db-4b00-ad3e-6386.jpg   https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/a3c476e0-86f9-40ca-8621-6285.jpg
  • Blur Edge Samples Scale can be used to soften the jaggedness in the junction between the regions of blurriness and sharpness of an object. More

Click to zoom in for details
  • New DOF Regions can be used to display and diagnose the DOF ranges. More

  • Flickering caused by the slow down when DOF is enabled during video and image export.
  • Exported video and image discrepancies between different viewport sizes due to variations between monitor resolutions.
  • Blurriness on objects behind other semi-transparent objects for exported videos and images. More

Click to zoom in for details


Other Updates

  • Local Transform Section: Select multiple objects to show the Local Transformation group in the Modify panel.(via Modify Panel > Edit > Local Transform) Here one can directly input the offset values for each individual selection (Does not support characters).
  • CC Characters can now be scaled via Modify > Edit > Avatar > Body ScaleMore
https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/976844f9-2f19-4d1c-b6b6-2213.jpg  https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/aa7c282d-5ed2-4a4c-9776-3c86.jpg
  • Reach Key can now be baked into the current pose. More
  • Align to Actor Orientation: (via Menu > Animation > Motion Setting Options > Align to Actor Orientation)  More
    • Once enabled, the Gizmo will align with the orientation of the character's root.
    • Otherwise applied motions will also derive its direction from the orientation of the character.
https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/551a369f-c881-494a-8d36-568d.jpg   https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/6f93cf4d-c800-4625-a9ce-7faa.jpg
  • New Content:
    • A DOF Demo project can be accessed from Content > Project > Project Template > 7.DOF > DOF Demo
    • Dummy male character for motion preview

  • Drag and drop sound files into iClone timeline now works properly. Feedback Tracker
  • Glow textures for billboards now emit light normally. Feedback Tracker
  • .iMtl files can now be properly applied to the character. Feedback Tracker
  • The camera can now be repositioned properly even when it is linked and Sub-Node > Align Position is applied. Feedback Tracker  
  • Keys can now be properly applied to Extend Bones (activated via Modify > Edit Motion Layer > Extend Bone). Feedback Tracker
  • Extend Bone for G6 characters can now be properly keyed. Feedback Tracker
  • Motion Plus saved with Collect Clip can now properly preserve animation data for the eyes. Feedback Tracker
  • The blink morph will no longer create mesh penetration with CC characters export in FBX format.

New Animation Plug-in

iClone now works with the Curve Editor Plug-in for professional motions.

By 4u2ges - 3 Years Ago
Pixtim (11/17/2017)
I'm surprised I do not see more positive feedback.

Indeed, tons of improvements. Lots of people just gave stars and likes.  As to feedbacks, I do not want to comment just yet, not before I fully test all new features and fixes.
It takes time, and I already have something to complain about.
By planetstardragon - 3 Years Ago
@rampart -  trust me you want this -  I'm not one to give praise on something i don't really like....they did a great job on it. This is not only good for character animation,  but how smoothly you control the camera.     This is exactly what I've been wanting since Iclone 3.  I finally feel like i got what I've been asking for all these years.
By VirtualMedia - 3 Years Ago
Hard to imagine I almost passed on this version of IC, IClone is now without question a pro animation program.
By Dr. Nemesis - 3 Years Ago
planetstardragon (11/19/2017)
@rampart -  trust me you want this -  I'm not one to give praise on something i don't really like....they did a great job on it. This is not only good for character animation,  but how smoothly you control the camera.     This is exactly what I've been wanting since Iclone 3.  I finally feel like i got what I've been asking for all these years.

I'm glad the curve editor is finally here but ironically thanks to the new preset curves Reallusion has provided, the curve editor is no longer as necessary as it was pre 7.1. Now thanks to the default curve preset, smooth camera control is effortless and doesn't require a curve editor as it would have only 2 weeks ago.

Considering the cost of the curve editor, I think these new presets were a great move. The curve editor can now be reserved for complex motions, not for what should be simple movements.
By Rampa - 3 Years Ago
pka4916 (11/16/2017)
Wow nice update, and downloaded the plugin..
Is there a way to download the full version with the 7.1 update included for archive,  or is only the patch available?

nvm...  had to check my orders, and saw the full 7.1 versions Smile

Yes. It is available for download from your account.
By 4u2ges - 3 Years Ago
Rampa (11/18/2017)
Here's a video I did on it during testing. Note that it is indeed no longer "in testing" as I say in the video.

Yes, fantastic! Thanks for informing!  Exclamation Mark Exclamation Mark
By gentledragon - 2 Years Ago
I'm working with the curve editor and I'm trying to figure out how to save the curve pattern I made, but I can't find a single way of doing it. I want to copy it to other things and not redo it over and over. How do save the curve patterns I've made? Rick
By Rottadamic - 3 Years Ago
When you use this feature, it hides the linear buttons in your timeline. Very annoying, how can I make theme visible again?
By justaviking - 3 Years Ago
Such an impressive list of fixes, enhancements, and new capabilities.

I tell you, it's getting harder and harder to blame iClone for any deficiencies in my videos.  Whistling  Tongue
By bcmorris - 3 Years Ago
Good job on this update Reallusion. I have been using 3ds Max, a bit of Daz Studio, and one or two other applications for character animation over the years and for some reason iClone never appealed to me. Well that has changed. I just purchased IClone 7 and 3DXchange Pipeline about a week ago and now with this great update I'm really impressed. I initially had some confusion and "end user" issues but they where mostly minor or my own fault Wink
I do believe I will recommend iClone to my students!
Thumbs up guys.

By Dr. Nemesis - 3 Years Ago
Just incase reallusion peeps read this thread, I should say this update has been fantastic. So many of Iclone's weak spots addressed in one single update. I don't know what's going on over there but Iclone 7 as a whole has been just great.
By RobertoColombo - 3 Years Ago
"Align to Actor Orientation"

without taking off anything to all the other fantastic updates, in my humble opinion, this one is the BEST update!
Everybody knows very well how much time did we spent in the past to re-align the character orientation/animation with all the possible tricks proposed by many Forum users (me included).
I have been waiting for this for so long and now we finally have.
Thumbs up!


By Rampa - 3 Years Ago
Here's a video I did on it during testing. Note that it is indeed no longer "in testing" as I say in the video.

It does need all 3 animation options checked to work.

By Bellatrix - 3 Years Ago
I haven't digested everything yet but wow, so many significant improvements and meaningful feature additions. GREAT JOB Reallusion. You do listen to your users, and you do innovate. Am currenrly 3rd month into Blender, will be back when PopcornFX is launched. Cheers all.
By wildstar - 3 Years Ago
now the DOF guy is happy Tongue 
By Pixtim - 3 Years Ago
You are right 4u2ges, it takes a little time to try everything and see if everything works. But we already see an intention to bring us many improvements and new functions that must have been very complicated to implement. There will probably be small bugs .. and can be big, but I find all this very exciting!
By planetstardragon - 3 Years Ago
while I haven't spent much time on the curve editor  the little bit I played with was very nice. I instantly saw a big improvement in the animation system. I'd have to get into one of my hours long keyframing session to dig deep for stability.....but so far so good, the animations are no doubt smoother and less robotic!

This was a very big deal to me, as I'm sure you know very well from my many years of ranting about it every chance I could get! lol, and it seems to have paid off, ...

Thank you.Kiss

By Pixtim - 3 Years Ago
When I see the list of enhancements and new features that Iclone 7.1 offers, I'm surprised I do not see more positive feedback. Same for the plug'in Curve Editor. I have not been able to play this version and this plug'in for the moment, but Grace gave us a detailed presentation of the essential functions, and I'm really happy with all that!
Congratulations to the team, I imagine that this version has generated a lot of stress!

I have a question, since working with Iclone, I grumble about not being able to get a z pass and object masks rendered for composting.

but when I see the preview of the DOF ... we almost have the Z-pass!
is it possible to record the visual like this?

By rampart - 3 Years Ago
I didn't buy the pipeline version of 3dxchange, because I never used it for the previous version of Iclone.
Not a game developer so mostly I import to Iclone. for video work.

I noticed I don't have to buy the pipeline 3xchange (as I thought I would ) to acquire the curve editor plugin...

I wouild enjoy to read some reviews.
Not interested to acquire the plug in and realize it is just a more cumbersome way to make things easier. 

By planetstardragon - 3 Years Ago
yeah,  complex motions for me,  i really enjoy the keyframing aspect of animation the most -  I called up a few projects of custom motions,  and I was able to see instantly all the spots I wanted to fix -  i'm sure reallusion would have appreciated the smile that I had when i saw that!  They did good by me!! 

and this isn't some promo,  i really mean this,  everyone knows i made a big deal about it!! lol

In fact,  I'll admit that I pushed hard for it,  so I thought it was my duty to say thank you and point it out.  I'm not ungrateful -  not saying anyone else is,  but they listened to me because this is exactly what i wanted!  Must give credit where credit is due....Iclone is now a big deal to me! BigGrin

By pka4916 - 3 Years Ago
Wow nice update, and downloaded the plugin..
Is there a way to download the full version with the 7.1 update included for archive,  or is only the patch available?

nvm...  had to check my orders, and saw the full 7.1 versions Smile