microsoft catherine au mobile tts voice missing
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By RayAlsop - 7 Years Ago
in one of windows 10's recent auto updates they installed an australian tts voice called Microsoft Catherine mobile. It shows up in Balabolka and some other programs  but does not show up in Crazytalk 8. Is this a problem with CT8 or can i somehow make it show up as one of my choices. I have 8 voices on my computer but only 4 show in CT8. Is CT8's little window listing the voices limited to 4 voices and if so how can i make Catherine show up there.

By Peter (RL) - 7 Years Ago
Unfortunately not all text to speech voices will show up in CrazyTalk 8. The new voices released with the Fall Creators Update are sadly not currently compatible.

If you are using Balabolka, then you can save your text to speech to a wav or mp3 file and then load that into CT8. This will be the best option if you like particular voice that isn't available in CrazyTalk.