Slider Control: Moving multiple 'morph vaues' (e.g. eyes, teeth, face) with one dial.
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By Mythcons - 7 Years Ago

I'm in the process of creating content, but I haven't been able to figure out how to slide multiple values contained within a character's components with one dial. I know it can be done. TokoMotion's dials have this feature.

Any assisting on this issue would be appreciated.
By vidi - 7 Years Ago
After you have create a  morphslider  exported this Mesh with the Theeth and eyes as a fbx  in your 3D Applikation . Now is important that you adjust / move  the Eyes and Theeth with the Bones on the right position
Again !!! Not move  the vertices,  use Bone in this case !!!
Export it back  in CC as Cloth,  not as Morph !!!  ,
Now is the Character in the View and can saved as iAvatar . Then create a Morphslider and use this iAvatar as target Morph
You will get a new Morph slider , which  controlling eyes and Teeth in one dial/slider
By Mythcons - 7 Years Ago
Ahhh... I think I have it now. You have to reduce / enlarge features with keyframes, rather than by editing the skeleton in edit mode. Very clever. Thank you for schooling me on this trick! Although I have to needle Reallusion a bit, as this is very counter-intuitative and almost feels like I'm tricking the program, rather than following a design guideline.

Regadless, I think I can work with this method. Much appreciated. Smile
By Rampa - 7 Years Ago
I used pose mode in Blender, and then set the pose as the rest pose. Here's a tutorial I made. It's not the facial features, but it should give you a pretty good idea.

By vidi - 7 Years Ago
Can you explain more ?
Ah you mean edit mode in Blender
I use not Blender therefore I have not understand what you mean